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"Exceeding one guest's expectations could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising...If you don't take good care of your guests, someone else will.’’


Established in 2015, Caribbean Hospitality Services is a new enterprise offering assistance to establishments in the hospitality industry. With 35 years’ experience the founder, Patrick Conway, is delighted to share his expertise and knowledge with managers seeking to increase their positive guest reviews.

During his time working in hotels and restaurants, Patrick has developed a specific ideal of what it is that patrons seek when they wish to dine or stay at a property where they feel welcome and comfortable, in an environment which meets professional and modern standards.

Hailing from Limerick, Ireland, Patrick obtained his education from the College of Hotel, Catering & Business Management in Galway, Ireland with an Honours Diploma, a National Certificate and Special Award for best performance throughout the four year course. The four year “block-release” course included both a theoretical component spent studying the technicalities, foundations, and administrative aspects of the hospitality industry, along with a practical component where he learned to perform in a variety of roles within hotels and restaurants.


The block-release course enabled Patrick to acquire first-hand experience in all areas of the hospitality industry learning the requirements and challenges in each area of expertise. Patrick gained an excellent understanding of all aspects of the business, from scrubbing pots to budgetary control, enabling him to excel as a hotel and restaurant manager. From choosing placements located in other areas in Europe Patrick gained an insight on the customs and traditions of other cultures and their expectations as customers of up-scale establishments.

After graduating, Patrick held positions as Banqueting and Conference Manager at the renowned Gresham Hotel in Dublin, followed by a rewarding period as a Banqueting Manager planning private receptions for members of the Royal Family at the Brook’s Club in London. In these positions he fine tuned his skills to deliver formal and personalised service ensuring flawless events.

Patrick has since spent the duration of his career in the British Virgin Islands where for two years he held the position as Resident Manager at Long Bay Beach Resort, followed by additional 28 years at the Sugar Mill Hotel, where he held the positions of Managing Director and General Manager.


As a British Virgin Islands resident holding Belonger status, Patrick is proud of the country he now calls home and recognises the land not only for its physical beauty, but also the people of the Caribbean whose local traditions and welcoming culture are a perfect match to thrive in roles providing impeccable hospitality to visitors to the territory.

By working with guests and patrons directly to provide uncompromisable service and efficiency, Patrick and his chosen team of professionals have maintained consistent Trip Advisor success for BVI hotels and restaurants since the travel website’s inception.

Through professional skill training and selecting candidates who provide service with a smile, Patrick seeks to help hospitality businesses select the right employees and maximize their success by earning the most favourable reviews from their satisfied guests.


Caribbean Hospitality Services offers over 35 years hotel and restaurant management experience, focusing on guest satisfaction using well trained and motivated staff, coupled with preventative maintenance which is the key to effective and efficient management.
Our extensive involvement in conference and banqueting management has aided in the development of great multi-tasking skills and the ability to manage multiple functions simultaneously. Success hinges on good preparation and fine tuning your facility and employees to give guests optimum satisfaction.
We are available for interim and duty management should your operation need assistance. Special events that will take a lot of your management time can be out sourced to a carefully selected specialist in this field who can seamlessly slot in to your operation and provide the best experience possible


Trip Advisor is something that needs to be managed to ensure you are receiving maximum exposure to potential new guests and restaurant patrons. We have a proven track record in establishing an effective profile and managing how guests review an operation. Setting up a Hotel Aid License with the government enables you to import your beds, bedding, furniture, electronics, kitchen/restaurant equipment, and maintenance goods duty free. Having many years’ experience with remodelling and maintenance, we can have all such work tendered and supervised to guarantee you will receive the best value for money. Our in-depth knowledge and experience provides practical and cost effective food and beverage purchasing and effective cost control, as wastage and pilferage can substantially reduce your bottom line.

Human Resources

A church is not the structure, but the congregation that attends. Likewise, a hotel is not just the facility, but the staff that work to deliver an experience which exceeds the expectations of their customers’ stay.
The key to successful management is all about the quality of service that you provide to your guests and the manner in which it is delivered. Employing staff for their attitude and demeanor more so than their skills and experience yields a better outcome. You cannot teach a person to smile but you can teach the technical skills required for the position.
Recruitment of the wrong people, especially from overseas, can be a rather costly and time wasting experience, if not done properly. Being able to determine if a potential key employee will adapt to the Caribbean lifestyle and work ethic is a skill that comes with experience. Recruiting, the processing of work permits, aiding new employees with accommodation selection, and overall helping them to settle in is a service we provide; it is important to ensure the most positive experience for your staff.
With an in-depth working knowledge of the Labour Code, we can also work on your behalf on mediation and labour dispute resolution.

Sales and Marketing

Throughout their time working in the BVI, Caribbean Hospitality Services has become very familiar with both local and overseas markets, developing a sense of the most cost effective methods to target these groups.
The key to successful marketing is tailoring your services to meet the needs and aspirations of the segments you identify as most suitable to your operation. In this day and age hospitality operators must ensure their business- whether it is an establishment, event, or other service, is up to the standards expected by their guests. It is important to know your niche and match your services to your customers’ expectations; otherwise a few poor reviews on Trip Advisor can cancel out thousands of dollars spent on marketing. You should not allow any guest to leave your property or restaurant unhappy.
Through relationships built and maintained with the major tour operators/wholesalers in the US and Europe, we can negotiate favourable contracts for your organisation. Representation at Marketplace, WTM and ITB is also a service we provide.


“Patrick's 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude made working with Patrick a joy and I was always completely confident that my clients would be well looked after and taken care of by Patrick and his efficient team.”
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Joyce Kinninburgh, BVI Holidays

“As a direct result of Patrick's efforts, the Sugar Mill has been recognized internationally as one of the best small resort hotels in the world.”
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Jefferson Morgan, Sugar Mill Hotel

Patrick's legacy at the Sugar Mill Hotel:

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